The Council is led by the Town Mayor, who is supported by a Deputy Mayor, both elected annually by their fellow Councillors. The Mayor and his/her deputy serve a one-year term, but can be re-elected, with the Deputy Town Mayor usually elected as Mayor the following year.

Originally the Town Council was led by a 'Chairman', with the last Chairman of the Town Council being David Jermy in 1996.  From 1997, whoever is elected by the Town Council to lead it for the year also assumes the title of Bungay Town Mayor.  The first elected Mayor of Bungay was Madeleine Parr.

The Mayor of Bungay, John Adams (pictured above) was elected in May 2021.  The Mayor wears an engraved silver chain of office consisting of a medallion and engraved silver plates with the names of previous holders of the office. The Mayor is Civic Head of Bungay.